Cloud Migration

Cloud migration is the procedure of moving the data, applications or other business data to a cloud computing solution. An enterprise can perform several types of cloud migrations and the most common one is transferring the applications and data from a local on-premises data center to the public cloud. And moreover, the cloud migration also involves moving the applications and data from one cloud platform to another and this is a known as cloud-to-cloud migration. And the last type of migration is reverse cloud migration also known as de-clouding, here the data or applications are being moved from the cloud to the local data center.


Are you fed up with your current hosting provider? or the promised benefits are limited inside the brochures?  or the speed of your website is getting your business down?

Not an issue, migrate to HostingRaja cloud and save up to 40% on cloud cost. Hostingraja has been honored as the most reliable cloud solution provider in India. The statistics that we have with us can easily conclude that we are the top cloud hosting service provider in India. And now it is the right time to migrate your website to HostingRaja cloud for better results of your website.

Why choose HostingRaja Cloud?

Excellent Security

In HostingRaja, the data on the server will be confidential and the servers are isolated to the possible hackers or spammers. And the security of the customer data is highly prioritized. The cloud servers of HostingRaja are housed in the data centers and clients will be offered with good security measures and these facilities stretched out to ensure the client's website too. With our cloud servers, clients can stay secure and completely private.

Backup and Control

HostingRaja control panel gives the capability to deal with the backup effortlessly. And moreover, customers will additionally be given managerial power making which is feasible to configure documents, modify system software or install any applications.

Managed customer support

The support in the field of hosting is the crucial aspect. Small misbehavior of the server could lead to big losses to the companies hosting their websites. But with HostingRaja Cloud servers clients are offered with free 24/7 managed customer support via phone, live chat, ticket system and it is completely free of cost whereas other service provider charge for it.

Performance and Uptime

The popularity of the website is based on how quickly it responds to the navigations on it. A high-performance website can be more people’s choice. And uptime is the primary requirement of every client. The uptime of the server defines how reliable and efficient is the server. The uptime is the amount of time a server has stayed up and run. 99.99% uptime is usually considered as a maximum percentage. In HostingRaja we offer a very good uptime of 99.9% uptime, this indicates our servers will never face any downtime and the website you host with us will stay up 24/7.

Loading Speed

The website speed plays a major role among the search engines for the ranking factor. Basically, the web page loading is the time taken to download and display the whole records of a web page in a browser window, usually, it is measured in seconds. The slow website speed straight away impacts the client engagement and business conversions. Website visitors want your site to load faster not greater than 2 to 3 Seconds, or else will exit without checking your web page.


HostingRaja Cloud Hosting Plans

Medium Cloud
Small Cloud
Micro Cloud

In HostingRaja we offer six different types of cloud hosting server plans for both Windows and Linux operating system. Clients can choose the right plan based on their budget and requirements. If you are confused in choosing the plan,thencan contact our sales team members they will help you in choosing the right plan. We also offer a custom cloud server plan, with that clients can design the packages according to their requirements. 


  Webbazaar - Case Study

Case Study

Webbazaar is the large-scale organization who are into innovative website design and development.  They have hosted more than 10,000 websites till date and numbers are increasing day by day.  Their first experience was with another hosting provider .  With the higher reputation and number of features made them migrate to hostingraja. And it has been a wonderful experience since then. The monthly billing cost has been reduced to 40%. And is honored with the feedback of its customer for experience at hostingraja which resulted from them higher uptime, quick support and lot more. The longtime relation with the organization like webbazaar has been a witness for the reliable service that we provide.

Note: For migrating to HostingRaja cloud, fill out the below-mentioned form or contact our sales team members.