Expand into the Virtual Private Cloud of your choice

HostingRaja being an expert with years of experience in setting up a cloud server for our customer, now we also offer Virtual private cloud platform for our customers. We are #1 Cloud company in India and we also provide latest technologies such as VMWare, OpenStack, CloudStack, and OpenNebula in our Virtual private cloud. We also take complete care your Virtual private cloud and help you to setup and maintain your cloud account with 100% customer support.

Private cloud is also known as enterprise clouds. The private cloud is designed to support the organizations which are looking for absolute control over their organization’s cloud computing. The private cloud is normally managed through internal resources.  The term private cloud and VPC (virtual private cloud) are commonly utilized interchangeably. Moreover, the VPC is a private cloud which uses the third-party cloud provider's infrastructure, whereas the private cloud is performed over the internal infrastructure.

HostingRaja is an expert in setting up a private cloud service to the customers, according to the preferred choice of platform. We have set up more than 100+ private cloud to customers in India using various technologies such as VMWare, OpenStack, CloudStack, and OpenNebula. We not only set up and train your team on cloud technology, but we also take care of 100% support & maintenance.

Your Virtual Private Cloud - Your Choice

Agility Without Sacrificing Control

  • Single-tenant Private Cloud

    At HostingRaja we offers our customers with Single-tenant Cloud where you have the opportunity to run an independent database and also get enhanced Security and compliance.

  • Software-defined Storage

    Here at HostingRaja we use, best SAN storage with SSD drive and gives you more flexibility, control, and efficiency with acquiring real-time scalability.

  • Cloud Management Platform

    Our Cloud VM comes with CMP (Cloud Management Platform) where you can easily accelerate and manage your organizational productivity.

  • End-to-end Automated Lifecyle Management

    It helps you to reduce future risks and with our end-to-end approach, it accelerates flexibility and it rapidly scales to address the ever-changing business demands and requirements.

  • Rapid Delivery of IT Servies with Blueprints

    With the rapid delivery of IT services you can easily multi-tier apps and custom your IT services with inbuilt components and also with the drag-and-drop design of VMware Automation.

  • Dedicated Bandwidth

    We provide dedicated bandwidth with our Virtual private cloud starting from 50 Mbps to 1000 Mbps and will be charged individually.

HostingRaja Can Help You Achieve Software-defined Outcomes

  • Reducing Complexity: With years of experience in Cloud Server we provide the best cloud solution and helps you to eliminates the burden of your infrastructure management, and also train your IT team to focus on higher value problems and help your business in giving an improved quality of service to your customers.
  • Fully Managed Virtual private cloud: Here at HostingRaja as we provide fully managed, performance-tuned Virtual private Cloud Servers at an affordable price, you can easily manage your account. And this makes you to handle your Virtual private cloud account easily and you can also make changes as per your requirements.
  • Fully Secure Cloud: Your Virtual private cloud will be running on fully isolated physical servers not only that we also provide secure data transfer over the public Internet, and also ensure that each customer's data remains isolated from every other customer's data.
  • Security Matters Most: Security is our top most priority and for this reason, we provide secured Virtual private cloud service with the latest technology to our customers. We monitor your server 24/7 and see that there will not security threats in your server.

HostingRaja Has Years of Expertise @ Virtual Private Cloud

Pain Free Cloud Migration

At HostingRaja we do free of cost migration to our server from any other hosting provider server. And if its loads faster and performs well you can stay with us.

High Availability

Our Virtual private cloud platform is intended to be High accessible over all the segments in the cloud. Beginning from bandwidth capacity, switches, router/firewall and register servers, all are highly accessibility.

Highly Scalable

You can easily scale your Virtual cloud platform whenever you want. You can easily scale your disk space, processing capacity etc.

Compute / Storage / Networking Simplified

Here at HostingRaja, we provide fully managed, performance-tuned Cloud Servers to our customers and we also help our customers in setting up their cloud infrastructure and guide you enough.

Superior Support

We have been awarded for being one of the standout customer supporting company for cloud. And we provide 24/7 technical customer support.

Fully Managed

You get fully managed cloud solution from HostingRaja so that you can focus on your business and we take care of your websites and hosting related issues.

Powered by VMware

Our Virtual private cloud is powered by one of the world's most utilized platform that is VMware. And it is notable in the industry for its robustness.

Dedicated Bandwidth

You can opt for dedicated bandwidth for better performance, else each cloud instances comes with shared bandwidth.

If you are looking for Public Cloud please check the plans of below

Cloud Machine

Medium Cloud
Small Cloud
Micro Cloud
Large Cloud
Extra Large Cloud
Nano Cloud

Here is the definition of Virtual Private Cloud (VPC):


VPCs are as similar to virtual public cloud however they can also be defined as a private cloud infrastructure which is provided within a public cloud and these clouds basically operate with a certain level of isolation between customers. Using VPC enables an enterprise to achieve the benefits of private cloud  in terms of control over a virtual network in an isolated environment


Advantages of using Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) for your business:


1. Security


One of the best and finest advantages that business gets from using VPC is "Security". Yes, because in VPC what are the information or traffic that passes through it will stay within the corporate firewall without crossing the Internet. Not only that you also get an option where you can specify which users are allowed to reach the Cloud resources and which are not. In addition to that VPC also provide a highly-vested infrastructure which keeping things running smoothly and securely, with high levels of uptime irrespective of customers operating system.


2. Better control


Using Virtual Private Cloud gives you the benefits of better control over public cloud computing. In here users can easily take control where the data is located with the support of hybrid cloud adoption where it will enhance the security and compliance needs. Hence today VPCs are often ideal for multi-tenant cloud computing in finance, where it allows users to isolate PCI data at a lower cost than traditional private cloud hosting.


3. Application Performance


The Internet does not have Class of Service!! Because sometimes the internet can get congested and when it does your application software will suffer. Even though you resize your network for peak inbound jam on your internet circuit could greatly impact on your application performance. But with Virtual Private Cloud all your resources will appear on the corporate MPLS-based which is a class of service enabled, in WAN. So you can easily choose traffic which needs a higher priority can be marked and delivered accordingly.


4. Flexibility


Virtual Private Cloud gives an organization an authority to define their cloud architecture exactly in a manner that suits their requirements. Moreover VPC is designed in such a way where it contains entire development assets and hence these can be easily restored, recovered, or cloned as a single unit without impacting other users of a cloud. Not only that if you are using Virtual Private Cloud infrastructure then it also offers an ideal ground for the development of applications and systems due to flexibility security and isolated environment. And thus it will provide you with a suitable platform for the development of any modern software applications where it needs to involve internal as well as external users in a collaborative and dynamic environment.

HostingRaja is the leading private Cloud hosting service provider in India. Our private cloud hosting servers are easy to use and available at an affordable costs. When you choose HostingRaja as your private cloud hosting partner you will be offered with numerous reliable features. And our private cloud server is the fastest and secure in the industry. Also, our private cloud server comes at a reasonable price. We provide numerous private cloud hosting plans and all our private cloud servers are available with well-known operating systems like Linux and Windows OS.

When you opt for HostingRaja private cloud you will be offered with below features:

  • Reduced operation costs.
  • Fewer risks are associated with loss of data.
  • Real-time Malware Injection Scan.
  • Ease of use and Service orientation.
  • Real-time PHP Vulnerability Check.
  • Businesses can share resources on one platform.
  • Cloud hosting provides good flexibility and scalability.
  • Clients can avoid expenditure on hardware and software.
  • Customers have access to a huge number of applications without having to download anything.
  • Consumption is billed based on the utility of low upfront costs.